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Real Dealz Monthly is a publication dedicated to analyzing the Real Estate Market in order to help you make more money in your business.  This will not just be from an economist point of view but rather a mix of that and the perspective of investors who are in this business every day.  We will be pulling data from markets across the country so we can see the leading indicators of any potential market shifts.  Our goal is to connect with and provide value to as many real estate investors as possible across the country.  There's never been a publication like this and we know you'll absolutely love the value we provide you.  Since this is a brand new publication, we're making it available right now at a very reasonable price of only $9.99 per Month.
Investing Tips & Information
We'll share tips and tricks we use in our investing business as well as new ideas you should consider.
Industry News
We'll discuss the State of the Real Estate Investing Industry as well as notable news in the Educational side of the Business.
Market Analysis and Forecasts
We'll share the latest housing market data from several leading indicator markets and share our thoughts on where we think the housing market is headed and how to prepare for it.
Watch Tuckers Video To Learn More:
Tucker Merrihew is the owner of TTM Development Company in Portland Oregon.  He's also the Host of The Real Dealz Podcast, ThePortland Real Estate Podcast, Real Dealz TV and the Founder of The Deal Finders Academy.  Tucker is a student of Real Estate Investing, runs a very successful investing business and takes pride in his understanding of data, market trends and the economics of real estate.

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